26 Jun 2023 10:15

Poland announces stricter control on border with Belarus

MINSK. June 26 (Interfax) - Poland has enhanced control on the border with Belarus in the context of the Wagner Group situation, including by intelligence and military forces stationed in the border zone, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said on Sunday.

"Having given instructions to the 18th Bialystok Reconnaissance Regiment, I also met with soldiers with the Polish Land Forces on duty along the wall on the border with Belarus. [...] Yesterday we saw once again how important this 206-kilometer fence is," Morawiecki said on a social network.

"The events, which took place in Russia the day before yesterday, demonstrate a high degree of unpredictably of everything that happens there. We are still unaware of the actual causes of the Wagner Group's march, which stopped not far from Moscow late into the night," he said.

The Polish prime minister said that, on Saturday morning he "held multiple consultations with our allies from NATO and the European Union. Those conversations proved that we are in synch in terms of both analysis of the incoming documents and monitoring of the general situation and response."

"Poland is a member of the most powerful military alliance in the world history and definitely becomes better protected owing to investment in our Armed Forces. We must have something to defend ourselves, and now we have it," Morawiecki said.