21 Jun 2023 19:02

A special condition for auctioning strategic types of minerals will be that they undergo deep processing in Russia - Abramchenko

MOSCOW. June 21 (Interfax) - A special condition for holding auctions for strategic types of mineral raw materials will be the requirement that they undergo deep processing in Russia. This was announced by Deputy Prime Minister Victoria Abramchenko following an operational meeting of the Russian President with members of the government.

She noted that the adjustment of tools to support subsoil users who are ready to work with deposits of strategic mineral raw materials continues. On January 1 last year, amendments to the Law "On Subsoil" came into force, which made it possible to establish special conditions for auction participants. In fact, subsoil plots are provided to a specific person without competitive procedures with a minimum initial payment.

"Unfortunately, the procedure for obtaining these "special conditions" remained non-transparent. Therefore, at the meeting it was proposed that current legislation be amended so that making a decision on "special conditions" is done only in accordance with the instructions of the head of state based on supporting materials. Moreover, the second direction was to establish mandatory requirements for the deep processing of strategic mineral raw materials mined in Russia to participants in auctions with "special conditions." Similar requirements are already in effect, for example, for participants in priority investment projects for the development of forests," Abramchenko said.