15 Jun 2023 17:18

Kiev, Chisinau discuss streamlining customs procedures, transportation of Ukrainian agricultural products

MOSCOW. June 15 (Interfax) - Ukrainian Agriculture Minister Nikolai Solsky held an online meeting with his Moldovan counterpart Vladimir Bolea on Thursday to discuss the prospect of reducing tariffs for rail transport of Ukrainian agricultural goods.

The Moldovan side announced having finished drafting its proposals on new tariffs, depending on the guaranteed volume of Ukrainian goods, Ukrainian media reported, citing the press service of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food.

Bolea said Moldova was keen to increase volumes by reducing those carried by road and substantially increasing transport by its national railroad.

"This is in the interest of both our countries: the Moldovan railroad and the market participants," Bolea said.

In the run up to the new agricultural marketing year, the two sides discussed measures to streamline the movement of Ukrainian agricultural goods through customs, the press service said.

"Moldova is working to move the transit [of Ukrainian agricultural goods] away from the road network to the rail network in order to reduce logistics costs, coordinate the transit-planning and cut transit times," the Moldovan side said, explaining its intentions.

The meeting was attended by senior figures from the two countries' railway and customs authorities. The next one is due next week. Moldova is expected to hand over its proposals for Ukraine to examine.

It was reported that at their meeting on June 5 Ukraine and Moldova discussed a possibility of cutting tariffs for rail transport of Ukrainian agricultural goods.