13 Jun 2023 14:20

Ukraine allows gas import from EU and Moldova without certificates of origin

MOSCOW. June 13 (Interfax) - Ukraine's government has allowed imports of natural gas by pipeline from the European Union and Moldova without certificates of origin.

Ukrainian media reported that a resolution on the matter was published on June 6 and posted on the government's website.

The exception also applies to imports, including in previous periods, in operations specified in Part 2.232 of the Customs Code, namely backhaul operations to replace natural gas, which resolves the situation regarding the ability to import gas and storing it on "customs warehouse" terms in Ukraine's underground gas storage facilities.

The government with a resolution of May 9, 2023, amended its resolution of December 30, 2015, which banned fuel imports, including petroleum gases and other hydrocarbons in a gaseous state, from the Russian Federation.

Following the decision, market participants said that it would significantly complicate the possibility of importing natural gas into the country for storage in Ukraine's underground gas storage facilities, as it was impossible to determine the origin of gas purchased on European exchanges, or to obtain the appropriate certificate for it.