9 Jun 2023 16:26

Surgutneftegas nominates three new members as candidates for board of directors

MOSCOW. June 9 (Interfax) - PJSC Surgutneftegas has proposed three new members as candidates for the new composition of the board of directors, the company said in materials for the upcoming annual general shareholders' meeting.

The new candidates are Oleg Yeremenko, CEO at Surgutneftegas-controlled Invest-Protection LLC; as well as Vladimir Yelovskikh and Vadim Kutsenko, who are former employees at Surgutneftegas and its subsidiaries, when compared to the list of last year's candidates. The results of the voting were not published last year owing to restrictions on the disclosure of sensitive information.

The remaining members on the list were previously members of the board of directors: Vladimir Bogdanov, Surgutneftegas president; Alexander Bulanov, chief engineer and first deputy general director; Nikolai Matveyev, Valery Yegorov, and Georgy Mukhamadeyev, former employees at Surgutneftegas; as well as Ivan Dinichenko, Victor Krivosheyev, and Ildus Usmanov, who are members of the board from among the shareholders.

Vladimir Yerokhin has been the chairman of the company's board of directors for more than ten years.