8 Jun 2023 16:29

Heads of govt of CIS countries sign package of documents on cooperation in Sochi

MINSK. June 8 (Interfax) - The heads of government of the countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) signed a package of documents on cooperation in Sochi, the CIS Executive Committee's press service said on Thursday.

"The meeting participants discussed all issues included in the agenda and adopted 17 documents. The heads of government discussed and signed an agreement on free trade in services, establishment, operations and making investments," the report said.

One of the main issues addressed in the meeting was the development of industrial cooperation between CIS states. The meeting participants adopted a relevant concept and a package of measures for its development for the period until 2030.

"The concept's purposes are the creation of new high-tech industries, intensive development and modernization of industrial production in the countries of the Commonwealth, its technological renewal, increase of production volumes and export of competitive, innovative and science-intensive products with a high added value, and also reaching the international standards for product quality, creation of new jobs, boosting people's wellbeing and quality of life," the press service said.

"The package of measures to develop industrial cooperation between CIS states in the period until 2030 is a mechanism for implementing the concept and envisages development and deepening of industrial cooperation through the corresponding industrial policies of the countries of the Commonwealth," the report said.

The heads of government also signed an agreement on interaction in exchange of radiation monitoring data. "Such cooperation will make it possible to promptly react to changes in the parameters of the radiation situation in the CIS and ensure timely notification of neighboring countries in situations of threats or transborder transfer and spread of radioactive substances on the territory of the countries of the Commonwealth, including from third sates," the CIS Executive Committee's press service said.

The meeting participants approved an agreement on interaction on issues relating to documenting persons subject to forced deportation, return certificates, and also adopted amendments to the agreement on the rules for determining the country of origin of goods in the CIS of November 20, 2009.

Besides, a memorandum of cooperation on prevention of fraud in electronic communication networks was signed. "The document toughens administrative and criminal liability for such crimes, cooperation and exchange of positive experience on the mechanisms used and their prevention, creation of conditions for stable functioning and effective development of the international electronic communications services market in the interests of end consumers and protection of the economic interests of electronic communications operators, harmonization of the national legislations on security in electronic communications networks," the press service said.

The heads of government of the CIS countries adopted an action plan to implement the agreement on cooperation on treatment of electronic and electrotechnical equipment waste for the period until 2030.