8 Jun 2023 12:43

Russia had consolidated budget deficit of 1.73 trillion rubles in 4M - Treasury

MOSCOW. June 8 (Interfax) - Russia had a consolidated budget deficit of just under 1.735 trillion rubles in January-April 2023, according to preliminary estimates, the Treasury said on its website.

There was a consolidated deficit of 1.731 trillion rubles for January-March, so the deficit widened by just 3.6 billion rubles in April.

Consolidated budget revenue was 16.641 trillion rubles in January-April and 11.691 trillion rubles in January-March. Consolidated expenditure was 18.376 trillion rubles and 13.518 trillion rubles, respectively.

The Finance Ministry said on its website that when it published its preliminary estimate of budget performance in Q1 2023 the revenue did not include the unallocated single tax account balance of 1.647 trillion rubles.

The federal budget deficit widened to 3.049 trillion rubles in 4M from 2.086 trillion rubles in Q1 2023. The MinFin's preliminary estimate of the 4M deficit was 3.424 trillion rubles, which has now been lowered by 385 billion rubles.

Federal budget revenue is estimated at 7.785 trillion rubles for January-February and 5.679 trillion rubles for Q1 2023.

The federal budget spending estimate for 4M 2023 has been lowered 371.5 billion rubles from an initial 11.206 trillion rubles to 10.835 trillion rubles. The Q1 expenditure was 7.765 trillion rubles.

Constituent members or regions of the Russian Federation had a consolidated budget surplus of 1.361 trillion rubles in 4M 2023, up 663.8 billion rubles from 696.8 billion rubles in Q1 2023, with revenue growing to 7.181 trillion rubles from 4.909 trillion rubles and expenditure to 5.821 trillion rubles from 4.212 trillion rubles.

The budgets of state extra-budgetary funds had a deficit of 174 billion rubles in 4M 2023 against a deficit of 460.3 billion rubles in Q1 2023, with revenue of 4.74 trillion rubles and expenditure of 4.914 trillion rubles.

The budgets of territorial state extra-budgetary funds had a surplus of 127.9 billion rubles in 4M, with revenue of 976.2 billion rubles and spending of 848.3 billion rubles.