5 Jun 2023 15:28

Danube ports transship record 3 mln tonnes of cargo in May - Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority

MOSCOW. June 5 (Interfax) - Danube ports of Ukraine transshipped a record amount of cargo, over 3 million tonnes, in May, the Ukrainian media said, citing a statement published by the Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority on a social network.

"The current information indicates that Danube ports transshipped over 3 million tonnes of cargo in May. This is an all-time high amount for ports of this region," the agency said.

This is a result of the responsible and streamlined efforts of businesses, the team of the Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority and the Ministry for Communities, Territories and Infrastructure Development, the statement said with the reference to Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority head Yury Litvin.

"The development of the Danube cluster is a priority of our enterprise. Known global companies are investing in the development of Danube port capacities and fleet, which allows a constant enlargement of export and import volumes. Public and private stevedore companies renewed their historical records this month," Litvin said.

The statement described the development of ports in the Danube cluster as a priority of European partners. The European Commission, the Danube Commission for cooperation with the Lower Danube administration, and the Romanian Transport Ministry are increasing the capacity of the Sulina Canal, on which the efficiency of Danube ports depends.

Cargo transshipment in Danube ports may grow from 16 million tonnes in 2022 to 20 million tonnes in 2023 and thrice exceed the pre-crisis amounts.