30 May 2023 13:23

Gazprom carries out annual maintenance on Blue Stream pipeline to Turkey

MOSCOW. May 30 (Interfax) - Russian gas giant Gazprom carried out scheduled maintenance on the Blue Stream gas pipeline to Turkey in the second half of May.

The export pipeline across the Black Sea, as well as the Pochinka-Izobilnoye-North Stavropol UGS onshore line that feeds it usually undergo maintenance along their whole length in the middle of May to the second half of the month, Gazprom Transgaz Saratov said.

"This year the order from Gazprom's Central Production and Dispatch Department to halt gas transport came at 6:00 a.m. Moscow time on May 15, 2023. One hundred and twenty hours were allotted to conduct maintenance and repairs on the pipeline," the Golubaya Magistral newspaper reported.

The Blue Stream pipeline, which went into operation in 2003, almost doubled gas transportation to a record 15.98 billion cubic meters in 2021.