25 May 2023 21:25

Moldovan parliament declares European integration national priority

CHISINAU. May 25 (Interfax) - The Moldovan parliament has adopted a resolution declaring that the course towards the country's European integration is irreversible, in keeping with a resolution of the European Moldova National Assembly in Chisinau on May 21, 2023.

"The irreversibility of European integration and accession to the EU will further be declared a national priority project for Moldova, and its entire society including all political forces are urged to display maturity, unity, and solidarity for strengthening political and social dialogue in the name of Moldova's national interest [and] its accession to the European Union," the parliament said in its resolution.

The document invites civil society, leaders of public opinion, and the parliamentary and non-parliamentary parties "to unconditionally support, regardless of political views, the implementation of the resolution's requirements and commitments undertaken while submitting an application for Moldova's accession to the European Union."

The parliament also called on the government and other state institutions "to make coordinated and effective efforts towards implementing" all commitments to the EU in order to start accession negotiations.

The document was supported by 55 members of the ruling Party of Action and Solidarity in the 101-seat Moldovan parliament.

Opposition lawmakers from the Bloc of Communists and Socialists criticized the initiative, describing the assembly as a manifestation of "public square democracy" and insisted on putting such issues to a nationwide referendum.

The European Moldova National Assembly initiated by President Maia Sandu was convened in Chisinau on May 21.

When speaking at the assembly, Sandu said, "The best way to strengthen democracy and freedom in Moldova is joining the European Union."

Assembly participants called for amendments to be made to the Moldovan constitution to make the country's accession to the EU irreversible.