25 May 2023 17:29

Govt approves technological development concept for Russia through 2030 - Mishustin

MOSCOW. May 25 (Interfax) - The government has approved a concept of technological development for Russia through 2030, Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin said at a cabinet meeting.

"The main task of the concept is to ensure the achievement of technological sovereignty by implementing the results of domestic research and development," Mishustin was cited as saying in a government statement.

"According to the document, by the end of the third decade of the XXI century Russia should have its own scientific, personnel and technological base of critical and end-to-end technologies," the statement reads.

"The country is expected to create conditions for high-intensity innovative activities of corporations and entrepreneurs, who will work in a comfortable regulatory environment. Furthermore, by 2030 the national economy must ensure the production of high-tech products - chips and other microelectronics, high-precision machine tools and robotics, aerospace equipment, drones, medicines and medical equipment, telecommunications equipment and software. Furthermore, the share of such domestic goods in total consumption should be no less than 75%," the statement indicates.

"For transition to innovation-oriented economic growth, the level of innovation activity in industry and other areas must increase 2.3 times, and spending for these purposes should increase 1.5 times. Also by 2030, the volume of innovative goods, works and services should increase 1.9 times, and the number of patent applications - 2.4 times. For sustainable functioning and development of production systems, the number of manufacturing enterprises employing technological innovation should increase 1.6 times," the statement said in highlighting the target indicators.

The government instructed the Economic Development Ministry and Education Ministry to develop a plan of priority measures to implement the concept.