19 May 2023 16:29

Russia could produce about 130 mln tonnes of grain annually - first deputy agro minister

SOCHI. May 19 (Interfax) - Russia could produce about 130 million tonnes of grain per annum, First Deputy Agriculture Minister Oksana Lut said on Friday at the All-Russia Grain Forum in Sochi.

"We see the technology of our agricultural producers, which is at a very high level. We believe that we could consistently produce about 130 million tonnes of grain every year, and every season. This is that goal that we see for ourselves, and we should be around the goal every year in order to provide ourselves and our partners with grain," Lut said.

Lut recalled that grain exports of 50-55 million tonnes are planned for the new grain season.

"Our expectations for the next season in terms of exports are 50-55 million tonnes, taking into account carry-over inventories that we will have on July 1," Lut added.

Lut noted that the outgoing agricultural year was quite difficult. However, because of the efforts of the entire market, Russian agricultural producers and traders fulfilled all the tasks set for domestic food security, as well as for providing external partners with the necessary food.

Russia's Agriculture Ministry has not ruled out adjusting upward the forecast of 123 million tonnes for the country's grain harvest this year, Agriculture Minister Dmitry Patrushev said earlier on Friday at the forum.

The Agriculture Ministry has forecast Russia to produce 123 million tonnes of grain this year, including 87 million tonnes of wheat, Patrushev reminded, saying that these were preliminary estimates, and they could be adjusted.