12 May 2023 10:15

Zelensky approves plan for law enforcement system reform as part of Ukraine's EU bid

MOSCOW. May 12 (Interfax) - Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky on Thursday approved a comprehensive strategic plan for reforming the country's law enforcement system.

"I approved a comprehensive strategic plan for reforming our law enforcement system - all law enforcement agencies and the Prosecutor's Office. This is a detailed document that will stay in effect until 2027," Ukrainian media quoted Zelensky as saying in a video address.

Among other steps, Ukraine needs to ensure a system of guaranteeing justice and law that will meet the goals of Ukraine's rapid accession to the European Union, he said.

"Every element of the state system, above all law enforcement agencies, must work in a way that people really feel safe and protected, that people really feel justice," Zelensky said.

"Trust within the state is built upon trust in those who act on behalf of the state. Law enforcers, the Prosecutor's Office are key to this," he said.