10 May 2023 17:09

Yamal LNG building capacity to ship LNG in tanker trucks

SALEKHARD. May 10 (Interfax) - Russia's Glavgosexpertiza has issued a positive opinion on the creation of facilities for the shipment of liquefied natural gas as part of the Yamal LNG project, the agency said.

The construction site is based around the Yuzhno-Tambeyskoye field. Here, the plan is to create a site for loading liquefied natural gas into a cryogenic mobile gas tanker (CryoPAGZ).

On the loading site, in addition to the main technological equipment, there will be an engineering communications overpass, scales with ramps under a canopy, and lighting poles and other necessary structures.

"The choice of technological equipment at the Yamal LNG production site will ensure that the requirements for industrial and environmental safety of the facilities and communications for the transportation of liquefied natural gas are met," Andrey Putrya, the chief expert on the project, said.

In accordance with the technology, the simultaneous loading of LNG into tankers and truck-mounted cryo-tanks is not envisaged, as this may lead to an unstable composition of gas products in the offshore loading system.

Yamal LNG is a joint venture between Novatek (50.1%), France's TotalEnergies (20%), China's CNPC (20%) and SRF (9.9%). The joint venture built an LNG plant with capacity of 16.5 million tonnes per year (each line is 5.5 million tonnes per year). In addition, as part of the project, another line was built at 990,000 tonnes per year using Novatek's Arctic Cascade technology, which was put into operation in May of 2021. The plant is operating over its capacity; in 2022, it shipped 21 million tonnes of liquefied natural gas.