5 May 2023 13:17

Tokayev notes importance of strengthening Kazakhstan's defense capacity

ASTANA. May 5 (Interfax) - Kazakhstan maintains friendly relations with all countries, but strengthening its defense capacity and security is a major state task, Kazakh President and Supreme Commander-in-Chief Kassym-Jomart Tokayev said.

"Kazakhstan is a peaceful country. We have friendly relations with every other state. We consider it necessary to solve any interstate problems by peaceful means. Bu we cannot be careless: it is important to stay vigilant in any situation. The strengthening of our national defense capacity and security is a major task," Tokayev said at a ceremony in Astana on Friday, while presenting state awards and bestowing top military and special ranks.

Enhancing the country's defense capacity and national security and ensuring the supremacy of law and order are unshakeable priorities for Kazakhstan, he said.

Tokayev congratulated the ceremony's participants on Fatherland Defender's Day and Victory Day, and said that both holidays embodied the continuity between the older generation, who defended the country during earlier trials, and the generation of warriors of the independent Kazakh state.

"Today, our defense and law enforcement agencies vigilantly safeguard the security of Kazakhstan. It is the duty of every citizen to preserve the solid foundation of our statehood. This is also the professional duty of those who have dedicated their lives to military service," Tokayev said.

The government is constantly enhancing support for defense and law enforcement agencies. Their infrastructure and material and technical provision are gradually improving, salaries are being raised, and social benefits are expanding, he said.

Tokayev thanked all his fellow citizens who ensure stability and security, and awarded military and special titles and ranks to officers and state awards for valor and impeccable service to a number of citizens.

Kazakhstan observers Fatherland Defender's Day on May 7.