3 May 2023 09:22

CPC launches second single point mooring after replacing hoses

MOSCOW. May 3 (Interfax) - The Caspian Pipeline Consortium (CPC) has put its second single point mooring (SPM-2) back into operation after scheduled maintenance on floating hoses.

The scheduled replacement of the floating hoses of SPM-2 at the CPC marine terminal was completed on April 29, and the equipment was put into operation after the seal of the connections was checked, the CPC said in a statement.

Oil is transported from single point moorings through a system of two floating, flexible hose connections, or sleeves. Including the marine breakaway coupling, rotary valve and eccentric connection, the overall length of the internal and external hose sleeves is 265 meters and 276 meters, respectively, and the sleeves consist of, respectively, 26 and 25 hoses.

The scheduled hose replacement began on March 25, prior to which the CPC restocked the reserve of critical components at the marine terminal's warehouse, the consortium said.

In the course of the repairs, the external and internal sleeves were disconnected from the SPM, all 11 hoses scheduled for replacement were removed, new hoses were installed and the sleeves were reconnected, the CPC said.