28 Apr 2023 18:58

Sale of Fortum and Unipro is not being considered - Shulginov

CHERKESSK. April 28 (Interfax) - The issue of selling Fortum and Unipro is not yet being considered, Russian Energy Minister Nikolai Shulginov told reporters.

"Everything related to property and sale, these issues are not yet being considered, and they are not provided for by the decree on external management," Shulginov said.

"Who will be in charge, we do not yet know," he answered to the corresponding question.

Shulginov also said that Uralenergosbyt, which is affiliated with Fortum, still has obligations to build wind power facilities under the RES CSA. Previously, the company won all the wind generation volumes at a competition held in April.

"The company won, so it has the responsibility. After external management, what has changed? Obligations remain," Shulginov said.

On Tuesday evening, the Russian President, by decree, introduced temporary management of the Russian assets of Fortum and Uniper. 83.73% of the shares of Unipro and 98.23% of the shares of Fortum fall under the decree. The Federal Property Management Agency has been appointed interim manager.