26 Apr 2023 13:40

Ukraine evacuating its citizens from Sudan

MOSCOW. April 26 (Interfax) - Ukraine is evacuating its citizens trapped by fighting in Sudan, Ukrainian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Oleg Nikolenko said.

"On April 24-26, diplomats evacuated three groups of citizens: 83 Ukrainians and four citizens of Sudan, members of their families, as well as 51 foreigners (citizens of Georgia, Peru, Canada and Saint Kitts and Nevis). Sixty-four of them have said they want to return to their home country. They are expected to arrive on a charter flight to Poland today and will be transported to Ukraine. Another group of five Ukrainians was brought by bus to the territory of Egypt this morning. They are now in safety. Another three citizens have been evacuated in coordination with the government of Germany," Ukrainian media outlets quoted Nikolenko as saying in a social media post.

The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry is continuing to monitor the situation and take measures to ensure the safety of Ukrainian citizens in Sudan, he said. If they wish to evacuate, the Foreign Ministry and the Ukrainian embassy to Egypt will do everything possible to help them.