24 Apr 2023 10:21

Ukraine accumulating resources for next heating season - PM

MOSCOW. April 24 (Interfax) - Ukraine is starting to prepare for the next heating season, taking into account different scenarios, Prime Minister Denis Shmygal said.

"What are we ending this heating season with? A capacity surplus in the power system, 1.4 million tonnes of coal in the storage facilities, 8.5 billion cubic meters of gas in the gas storage facilities. We have accumulated resources in sufficient quantities last year. This has played an important role. Currently, we are again beginning to accumulate resources for the next heating season. We approach the work systematically," Ukrainian media quoted Shmygal as saying at a government meeting last Friday.

The prime minister noted that when preparing for the next fall and winter period, the authorities are taking into account different scenarios. "We are repairing what was damaged. We are building new ones [facilities]. We are accumulating energy resources. We are mobilizing assistance from international partners for these purposes," he said.