21 Apr 2023 17:35

Estonia, Ukraine to cooperate in training soldiers, exchange info on defense policy, intelligence

TALLINN. April 21 (Interfax) - Estonian Defense Minister Hanno Pevkur and Ukrainian Defense Minister Alexei Reznikov signed an agreement on Estonian-Ukrainian defense cooperation in Germany's Ramstein on Friday.

"The agreement sets out continuing cooperation and information exchange in the areas of defense policy and planning, intelligence and situational awareness, defense education and training, and more, between Estonia and Ukraine," the Estonian Defense Ministry said on Friday.

The new Estonian government decided at its first meeting on Thursday to send a military aid package to Ukraine, including 155-mm artillery rounds, as part of the European Union's agreement initiated by Estonia on sending Ukraine 1 million rounds of artillery ammunition.

"With the million rounds of ammunition initiative, we showed that when needed, we can do big things together [...] and we will definitely continue work on subsequent aid packages [for Ukraine]. The agreement signed today provides a clear framework [for cooperation], Pevkur said.