20 Apr 2023 16:45

Ukraine has exported 57 mln tonnes of farm produce worth 25 bln euros through 'corridors of solidarity' - EC

BRUSSELS. April 20 (Interfax) - The European Commission considers the use of "corridors of solidarity" for the export of farm produce from Ukraine, which has enabled Ukraine to earn 25 billion euros, to have been successful, with work underway to reduce transport costs.

"The corridors of solidarity have made the export of 57 million tonnes of Ukrainian produce possible, and this has brought 25 billion euros in profits to agricultural producers and economic operators in Ukraine," EC spokesperson Miriam Garcia Ferrer said at a briefing in Brussels.

Eric Mamer, European Commission Chief Spokesperson, said these corridors of solidarity were set up last summer to help Ukraine export agricultural and non-agricultural products in the context of the blockade of Black Sea routes.

He said the EC would continue to work to reduce transport costs in these corridors, "so that Ukrainian agricultural produce can continue to enter the markets of third countries that need them." Mamer said transport costs were "in some cases" significant and need to be lowered as soon as possible.

"Let's not forget that these corridors of solidarity allow Ukraine to export many other goods made in the country, and so receive key resources for the ongoing functioning of the Ukrainian state and to finance defense [...]. And they also allow the European Union to export goods to Ukraine," Mamer said, adding that the significance of these routes was much broader than simply exporting certain agricultural products.

The EC said at the beginning of June 2022 that it was working closely with EU member states, Ukrainian authorities and operators to speed up the organization of "corridors of solidarity" to export grain by land routes from the territory of Ukraine and onwards through the ports of the EU countries.