19 Apr 2023 16:09

Kyrgyzstan working on options for transitioning Kyrgyz language from Cyrillic to Latin alphabet - state language commission head

BISHKEK. April 19 (Interfax) - Kyrgyzstan is ready to move from the Cyrillic to the Latin alphabet if a relevant decision is made on the Kyrgyz language, Kanybek Osmonaliyev, the head of the Kyrgyz state language commission, said.

"If a political decision is made, we are ready; several options are being considered," he said, referring to the transition to the Latin alphabet. Attempts to move to the Latin alphabet have been made in Kyrgyzstan since 1993, Osmonaliyev said in comments on the initiative of Kyrgyz MPs Emil Toktoshev and Kamila Taliyeva, who suggested that the Kyrgyz language should transition from the Cyrillic alphabet to the Latin one at a meeting of parliament on Wednesday.

"Our Kyrgyz words are spelt incorrectly in Cyrillic. Real and decisive reform is needed to preserve the Kyrgyz language," Toktoshev told Osmonaliyev.

Taliyeva supported her colleague, and also suggested transitioning to the Latin alphabet.

Emil Toktoshev represents the opposition faction Butin Kyrgyzstan (United Kyrgyzstan), while Kamila Taliyeva represents the Ata-Jurt Kyrgyzstan (Motherland Kyrgyzstan) faction.

Under the Kyrgyz Constitution, the Russian language has official status. Cyrillic letters are used in Kyrgyzstan.