7 Apr 2023 14:11

Sinara-TM launches serial production of railway vehicles in India, first unit has been manufactured

YEKATERINBURG. April 7 (Interfax) - Sinara - Transport Machines (Sinara-TM, STM) has completed the assembly of the first sample of a work site tamper (WST) at a plant belonging to its technology partner in India - SAN Engineering & Locomotives in Bangalore, a report from STM said.

The railcar will be transferred to Indian Railways (IR) in May this year after undergoing acceptance tests, as well as the commissioning process.

By the end of this year, IR will receive 19 more ballast-regulating machines (BRM) under a long-term STM contract. The production is part of the Make in India government program, which implies a degree of localization of at least 51%.

According to Anton Zubikhin, the first deputy general director of STM for sales and interaction with authorities, 10 BRM car sets are already fully prepared, the company expects to ship them in May-June.

"Our projects are being implemented in accordance with the provisions of the Make in India program, and we aim to increase our presence in the country. Today, 21 units of STM-produced track equipment are operated on the IR network, for example, straightening-tamping-straightening machines, track-laying cranes, dynamic track stabilizers, and ballast distributors-schedulers. Comprehensive service maintenance of equipment is also carried out at five Indian Railways facilities, Zubikhin said.

WST machines are designed to perform work on straightening, tamping and straightening of the railway track for all types of repairs, construction and current track maintenance. BRM machines are used for the distribution and planning of freshly packed or cleaned ballast and have a storage hopper for crushed stone dosing and forming a ballast prism.

According to a company press service, STM railway equipment supplied to India ensures uninterrupted operation at air temperatures up to +55 degrees and humidity up to 100%.

The Sinara Group was founded in 2001 and is a diversified company that unites enterprises from various industries. Priority business areas are transport engineering, financial services and development.