5 Apr 2023 18:40

Company close to Mamut acquires 5% in a legal entity associated with Korablik chain

MOSCOW. April 5 (Interfax) - Kerbin LLC has received 5% of Korablik-R, the operating company of the Korablik chain of stores for children's goods, according to data of the Unified State Register of Legal Entities.

The remaining 95% of the LLC belongs to JSC Korablik, the parent company of the chain. As of the end of 2021, it was 100% owned by Korablik founder Alexei Zuev.

The minority share is changing owners for the second time in a month. In mid-March, the same 5% was received by Oleg Sokhatsky, beneficiary of the toy supplier MTK Alisa. The share was passed on to Kerbin on April 4.

Kerbin is equally owned by Nadezhda Yermakova and Viktor Samoilov, each of which is affiliated with companies belonging to businessman Alexander Mamut. For example, Yermakova heads a number of legal entities in Russia which are 100% owned by Mamut, including A and NN Partners LLC, Directo One LLC, Grand Solutions LLC, and others. In turn, Samoilov owns 75% of the Pioneer cinema, where 25% belongs to Mamut's A and NN Partners.

Mamut also owns Vanderkind, which operates the Russian stores of the Hamley's chain (now renamed Vinny, according to Kommersant). In mid-February 2022, Forbes, citing sources, reported that the company was interested in buying the Korablik network, but there was no official confirmation of this.