30 Mar 2023 14:53

South Africa supports Russian initiative to create BRICS Geological Platform

MOSCOW. March 30 (Interfax) - South Africa supports the Russian initiative to create a BRICS Geological Platform, Head of the Russian Ministry of Natural Resources Alexander Kozlov said during a meeting of the intergovernmental commission of the two countries.

"The creation of this mechanism will allow for the development of cooperation in the field of geology by holding professional discussions on key issues of the industry, will give impetus to the development of mining technologies, the ongoing exchange of knowledge and experience, and will ensure the launch and implementation of joint programs and projects both bilaterally and on a multilateral basis," Kozlov said.

The minister proposed to start preparing a joint memorandum on cooperation amongst the heads of geological departments of the BRICS member countries, and then proceed to the development and approval of a comprehensive cooperation program that includes specific areas of joint activities and projects.

Among the promising areas of bilateral cooperation between Russia and South Africa in this area, Kozlov noted the geological study of the territory of South Africa and mapping, the search for new deposits, the evaluation and exploration of minerals, primarily platinum group metals, chromium and manganese ores. The Rosgeologiya state holding and a number of geological institutes can act as partners from the Russian side.