28 Mar 2023 15:22

Ex-Moldovan President Dodon may stand in Chisinau mayoral election

CHISINAU. March 28 (Interfax) - Former Moldovan President Igor Dodon has said he may stand in local elections as a candidate for Chisinau mayor.

Dodon stated on the N4 television channel that such a proposal had been made by a number of his colleagues from the Party of Socialists. He added that he did not necessarily have to be the candidate, "but the Party of Socialists should have a candidate in the election."

"The choice is up to the party leadership. Who will it be? Some colleagues said, Mr. Dodon, why don't you run? You could definitely compete with [the incumbent Chisinau mayor] Ion Ceban or a representative of the PAS [ruling party] in the second round, and could win. That's a decision the party should make. If they reach the conclusion that my candidacy will not add points for them, then I will stand aside and support their candidate," Dodon said.

Dodon, who stepped down as the leader of the Party of Socialists just over a year ago and pushed for a collective leadership, has changed his mind and now thinks that the party needs a leader.

"Let the Executive Committee of the Moldovan Party of Socialists meet and decide who should be the leader. People must know who is in charge, who bears responsibility. I do not aspire to this position, as I need to resolve the criminal cases and don't want the party to be harmed by that. But I will support the person who will be elected as the new leader of the Socialists," Dodon said.

According to the Electoral Code, Moldova will hold nationwide local elections on October 29 or November 5. The precise date will be announced 70 days before the elections.

Ceban is the current mayor of Chisinau. He won the election in 2019, as a candidate of the Party of Socialists led by Dodon. Ceban left the Socialists after winning the election and established his own party, the National Alternative Movement (MAN), in 2022.

All opinion polls indicate that Ceban could win the Chisinau mayoral election in the first round.