22 Mar 2023 14:32

Russian govt approves new deputy head of Rosaviatsia

MOSCOW. March 22 (Interfax) - The Russian government issued an order to approve Andrei Dobryakov as a deputy head of Rosaviatsia, the Federal Air Transport Agency.

"To appoint Andrei Dobryakov as deputy head of the Federal Air Transport Agency," the document, published on the portal of legal information on Tuesday, said.

Rosaviatsia is headed by Alexander Neradko, and Dobryakov is his fifth deputy, the agency's website says.

"In his new position, Andrei Dobryakov will oversee the maintenance of airworthiness and certification of aviation equipment," a Federal Air Transport Agency representative told reporters.

Dobryakov's namesake previously headed the representative office of Aeroflot in Rome, according to the company's financial statements for Q1 2021.