21 Mar 2023 09:39

Moldova resumes using Russian gas

CHISINAU. March 21 (Interfax) - Moldova has resumed consuming gas supplied by Russian gas giant Gazprom , Moldovagaz CEO Vadim Ceban said on Telegram.

He said this was related to a decrease in gas consumption in Transnistria due to weather conditions.

Moldovagaz will acquire about 0.7 million-0.8 million cubic meters of gas per day from Gazprom and about 1.3 million-1.5 million cubic meters per day from Energocom for its customers until the end of March 2023, Ceban said.

Moldova completely stopped using Russian gas on December 3, 2022, directing all of the 5.7 mcm of gas per day received to Transnistria, where it was used for household needs and to generate electricity at the Moldavskaya GRES power plant. Electricity from the plant was supplied to Moldova at a price of $73/kWh, which was cheaper than electricity imported from Romania for $95/kWh. Moldova covers only 20% of its electricity needs with its own power generation.

Moldova uses gas purchased by state company Energocom on the exchange and stored in Romania and Ukraine. The country does not have its own gas storage facilities.