20 Mar 2023 17:09

Ukraine to ship 30,000 tonnes of wheat to Yemen, Ethiopia each

MOSCOW. March 20 (Interfax) - Ukraine will ship 30,000 tonnes of wheat to Yemen and Ethiopia each under the Grain from Ukraine and the United Nations World Food Program (UN WFP) programs, respectively, the Ukrainian ministry of restoration said on Monday.

"On Sunday evening, the Negmar Cicek bulk carrier was moored in the Chernomorsk port, and as of 8:00 a.m. on March 20, 7,000 tonnes of Ukrainian wheat had been loaded on it," Ukrainian media quoted the ministry's message on social media.

The ministry noted that this is already the sixth vessel under the Grain from Ukraine program, which aims to provide Ukrainian wheat to those countries that are affected by famine. In particular, the donations from the United States, French and Spanish governments made it possible to provide humanitarian wheat to Yemen.

In addition, Ukraine is preparing to ship the Deniz M bulk carrier with 30,000 tonnes of Ukrainian wheat to Ethiopia under the auspices of the UN WFP. Currently, the vessel is waiting for loading in the port of Odessa.

Furthermore, the ministry added that after the extension of the grain initiative on March 18 three vessels carrying 154,000 tonnes of agricultural products for Asia and Europe have left the Greater Odessa ports on Monday.

According to the Ministry of Infrastructure, a total of 828 vessels left the Greater Odessa ports since August 1 under the grain initiative, exporting 25.1 million tonnes of Ukrainian food to Asia, Europe and Africa.