20 Mar 2023 13:37

Moldovan FM: Chisinau to sanction certain Russian citizens

MOSCOW. March 20 (Interfax) - Moldova's Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration Nicu Popescu has said that the Moldovan authorities will impose sanctions on Russian citizens involved in the adoption of the decision on the special military operation.

"It will be mainly a ban on entry to Moldova and a freeze on bank accounts and assets," Popescu said.

A tentative decision on this score has already been made, "but finalizing all judicial steps will take time," the minister said, adding that it could happen in several weeks.

Though Popescu did not name any individuals who will be banned from entering Moldova, he said that such a list will include "about 25 people", nearly half of whom are Russian citizens.

Popescu said that in early March the European Union asked Moldova to join the package of individual sanctions.

"A timeline for agreeing sanctions does not depend on us alone, as the EU at a certain point during the year invites countries to join new sanctions [...], and Moldova has joined this regime," he said.

However, Moldova is not considering joining economic sanctions against Russia for now, Popescu said.

"Chisinau may join certain EU sanctions in the future," the minister said in conclusion.