17 Mar 2023 17:18

Aide Ushakov says twice invited Danish charge d'affaires ad interim to offer joint investigation into Nord Stream blasts but got vague answer

MOSCOW. March 17 (Interfax) - Russian presidential aide Yury Ushakov said he had twice invited the Danish charge d'affaires ad interim and offered a joint investigation into the Nord Stream gas pipeline blasts but received a vague answer.

"Perhaps, I will somewhat reveal a secret of our diplomatic work. I personally twice invited the Danish charge d'affaires ad interim and offered the Danish authorities to consider a possibility of a joint investigation involving specialists from the Emergency Situations Ministry and demining operations if there is an element of danger," Ushakov said at a press briefing in Moscow on Friday.

The Danish answer "was quite vague," he said.

"It was said that, considering the location of this facility, the Danish authorities are evaluating security and environmental aspects and will brief the Russian side in due time," Ushakov said.

Media reports of March 16 and 17 quoted the Danish foreign minister, who "explained that Denmark will not give such permission to Russia," he said.

The Kremlin described the approach as nonconstructive and said that impartially would be in short supply in such an investigation.

Speaking of the incident, Ushakov said that the blasts occurred in a Nord Stream line in the exclusive economic zone of Denmark, 30 kilometers towards Russia. "A certain centric object with a height of about 30-40 centimeters, a cylinder or a beacon, was found," he said.

"Importantly, [it was found] at the junction of pipes, which may be significant from the angle of a possible blasting, so to say. Actually, it is a beacon that could be part of an explosive device or be used to transmit signal," Ushakov said.

"The Nord Stream operator company informed the Danish side that the beacon was found on February 21," he said.

The Danish charge d'affaires ad interim was invited after that, Ushakov said.