15 Mar 2023 16:25

Ukrenergo may resort to cutting off electricity supplies to avoid accidents

MOSCOW. March 15 (Interfax) - Ukraine maintains the grid restrictions in the Zhitomir, Kharkov, Poltava, Sumy and Kiev regions and in Kiev on Wednesday, with the possibility of applying power outages in case of increased power consumption to avoid accidents.

"The grid restrictions are still in place in the Zhitomir and Kharkov regions. There are also network restrictions in the Poltava region, Sumy region, Kiev region and in Kiev. In this regard, with the growth of consumption in these regions there may be restrictions on consumption to avoid the overload on equipment and accidents," Ukrenergo was quoted by the Ukrainian media as saying in a message on social media on Wednesday.

According to the company, in other regions, there are no restrictions in the Ukrenergo networks, which would result in the need to limit the consumption of consumers, and the consumption limits were not extended to the regions.

At present, Ukrenergo has completed emergency recovery operations in the Odessa region, and the region continues to work on improving the reliability of electricity supply.

As the company noted, electricity production in the Unified Energy System of Ukraine is sufficient to cover consumption.

"All types of power plants are operating. The flooding season is still ongoing, so hydroelectric power plants are actively operating. The operation of a power unit of power plants has been resumed, which has slightly increased the available volume of generating capacity in the power system," the company said.

Additionally, the import of electricity to Ukraine is continuing in insignificant volumes, Ukrenergo added.