10 Mar 2023 11:24

Lukashenko signs into law bill that penalizes treason of servicemen, officials with death

MINSK. March 10 (Interfax) - Belarusian servicemen and officials found guilty of treason may now be facing the capital penalty, death, the First Man's Pool Telegram channel close to the presidential administration said, adding that President Alexander Lukashenko had signed into law the bill "On Amendment of the Criminal Codes."

"The main purpose of this document is the stronger countering of extremist (terrorist) and anti-government crimes," the channel said.

The law applies criminal liability for treason committed by an official to all persons holding public office.

"It introduces criminal liability for terrorist propaganda, discreditation of the Armed Forces, other units, military formations, and paramilitary organizations, and a breach of regulations on the protection of state secrets," it said.

Some anti-government crimes will be additionally penalized with a fine of up to 50,000 basic values to ensure the unconditional compensation of the damage done by such deeds and to deprive the perpetrators of means to continue their criminal activity.

The period of detention of persons suspected of treason, plot or other actions aimed at grabbing power, espionage and undercover activities is extended from three to ten days, which is necessary to ensure the highest quality of operational and investigative measures in relevant cases.

At the same time, it exempts from criminal liability the persons who prepared to attack institutions enjoying international protection, or to commit sabotage, but reconsidered their plans and assisted in the prevention of these crimes.