6 Mar 2023 13:29

Ukraine to be able to export electricity if domestic needs met

MOSCOW. March 6 (Interfax) - Export of electricity could be unblocked only when an uninterrupted domestic energy supply is established, there are currently no preconditions for the resumption of export of gas and power-generating coal, Ukrainian presidential adviser Yury Boyko said.

"The resumption of export of electricity is being considered. The decision will be made only when power supply in the country consistently meets the domestic needs in full," Ukrainian media outlets said, quoting Boyko as telling the press during a visit to a Ukrenergo electrical substation.

Boyko pointed out that Ukraine must be ready to hold auctions for the distribution of rights to an interstate section together with European transmission system operators in the coming months. Finances for the payment for a section should be divided in half between the Ukrainian transmission system operator and the country whose section would be purchased.

Konstantin Ushchapovsky, the chair of the National Commission for State Regulation of Energy and Public Utilities, for his part, told reporters that the commission is working on introducing necessary amendments to the Transmission System Code to resolve the issues dealing with holding joint auctions. At the same time, he said he believes that they could be held under the current legislation if, among other things, relevant protocols are signed with the neighboring countries.

As for the possible resumption of export of coal and gas, Boyko said that so far he sees no preconditions for such decisions.

"Naftogaz has declared covering the domestic needs this year by our own production, and it is an achievable goal, but it is probably too early to say that we would be able to start exporting gas in the short term. The same applies to coal as well. The balance of it is maintained today, but the situation is quite tense. The main task of both DTEK and the state sector should be ensuring the balance of the domestic market and preparing well for the heat generation by the next winter. Only after this task is completed, one can return to the resumption of export of coal," Boyko said.

As reported, export of electricity to Romania, Slovakia (at the total capacity 300 MW), Poland (220 MW), Moldova (different values), which began in June 2022, was halted by an order of the Energy Ministry after October 10. Ukraine has been importing electricity since January, and the imported amount has begun considerably decreasing as the situation in the energy sector is stabilizing and is almost imperceptible in the general balance.

By its order of December 27, 2022, the government of Ukraine extended zero quotas for the export of natural gas of Ukrainian origin for 2023 and extended this ban on the export of anthracite, bituminous coal and briquettes, pellets and similar solid fuels derived from coal.

Meanwhile, the quota for the export of coking coal (K grade) was increased to 600,000 tonnes from the 200,000 tonnes envisaged in the 2022 decree.