3 Mar 2023 19:15

Moldova might join more of EU sanctions on Russia - foreign minister

CHISINAU. March 3 (Interfax) - Moldova might join some of the European Union's sanctions on Russia soon, Moldovan Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration Nicu Popescu said.

"Moldova will review the European Union's sanction list regarding Russia, which it might join," Popescu said at a press briefing on the first anniversary since Moldova submitted an application to join the EU.

"Moldova has decided from the very start that it would not immediately join certain restrictive measures, including sanctions. Now we're reviewing some decisions made earlier and will make new ones in the near future. Any measures of this kind require specific actions in our financial agencies or agencies tracking the inflow of funds to Moldova and their outflow from it," Popescu said.

Moldova is currently analyzing its possible responses in certain areas, he said.

"As concerns sanctions, our position is absolutely clear. The degree to which we will join sanctions will grow significantly. There are 38 sanction regimes in the European Union, which are used as a legal foundation for developing sanctions. Moldova has joined 21 of them. At this stage, Moldova has not yet joined ten legal types of sanctions, but this figure will be reduced soon," Popescu said.