3 Mar 2023 17:28

Ukraine begins sowing summer crops

MOSCOW. March 3 (Interfax) - Ukraine has started sowing summer crops, with agrarians in the Odessa region having sowed the first 3,500 hectares of farmland, including 1,500 hectares with barley and 2,000 hectares with peas, Ukrainian media reported citing the Ukrainian Agrarian Policy and Food Ministry on Friday.

Last year, Ukrainian agrarians sowed primary winter grain crops on 4.5 million hectares, including wheat on 3.8 million hectares, barley on 613,000 hectares, and rye on 79,200 hectares. They also sowed rapeseed on 999,000 hectares, or 104% of the previously planned figure.

Hence, Ukraine sowed winter grain and oil-bearing crops on 5.5 million hectares in 2022, which made 62% of the 2021 level.

In 2021, Ukraine allotted 8.87 million hectares for winter crops, including 6.66 million hectares for wheat, 1.02 million hectares for barley, 160,600 for rye, and 1.03 million hectares for rapeseed.