2 Mar 2023 15:13

Electricity generation in Ukraine down by 27.5%, consumption down by 31.5% in 2022 - ex-energy minister

MOSCOW. March 2 (Interfax) - The general volume of electricity generated in Ukraine in 2022 declined by 27.5% compared to 2021, Ukrainian media reported with reference to a social media post by former Energy Minister Olga Buslavets.

In particular, generation by nuclear power plants declined by 28%, by thermal power plants by 35%, by combined thermal and heating stations by 32%, and generation with the use of renewable energy sources by 36%, she said.

On the other hands, hydropower plants generated 6.5% more electricity, and generation by pumped-storage hydroelectric plants remained roughly the same as in the previous year, Buslavets said.

Overall electricity consumption in Ukraine in 2022 declined by 31.5% compared to 2021, with the consumption by the industrial sector having declined by 45% and by households by 16%, she said.

The structure of electricity consumption changed significantly, with the industrial sector's share in it having shrunk to 33% from 42% in the previous year, she said.

"The energy-intensive metallurgical sector consumes more than half of electricity within this group. Its consumption dropped by 52% for multiple reasons, including broken logistical marketing chains and regular power supply restrictions since October," she said.

Electricity consumption by Ukraine's chemical and petrochemical sector dropped by 60%, the construction materials sector by 47%, the machine-building sector by 38%, the food and processing industry by 24%, and the fuel industry by 24%.

"The situation is not much better with other categories of customers, with consumption having dropped by one-third in the transport, construction, and utilities sectors and by a quarter in the agricultural sector," Buslavets said.

Unlike the industrial sector, the share of households in the general consumption structure increased to an all-time high of 38% in 2022 from 31% in 2021.

"Of course, measured in physical kilowatt-hours, households consumed 16% less electricity. But against the colossal economic slump, a substantial drop in production and so on, the population is the largest consumer now," she said.

The Energy Ministry reported earlier that electricity generation in Ukraine amounted to 156.57 billion kWt/h and consumption to 154.82 billion kW/h in 2021.