28 Feb 2023 09:47

Moldova extends contract to supply electricity from Transnistria for March

CHISINAU. Feb 28 (Interfax) - Moldova's state-owned Energocom power company has extended the contract for supplying electricity from the Moldova GRES regional power plant in Transnistria for March 2023, Energocom's press service reported.

According to the terms and conditions of the agreement, Moldova GRES will supply 244,000 MWh, which is about 88% of the country's required electricity imports, and the price for Energocom will remain at $73 per MWh.

Moldova will buy an additional 6.5% of total imports from Romania's Nuclearelectrica at 91 euros per 1 MWh, and the country will purchase the rest on Romania's commodities exchange. The price has averaged 163.50 euros per 1 MWh in February 2023.

Since the beginning of December, Moldova has allocated all the gas that it receives from Gazprom to Transnistria in order to generate electricity, which is then returned to the country. Moldova buys some electricity from neighboring Romania under contracts and on the commodities exchange at market prices. Moldova generates some of its own electricity at local thermal power plants, as well as at wind and solar power plants.