27 Feb 2023 11:32

Nearly all of Odessa, surrounding area cut off from power supply over high-voltage line shutdown

MOSCOW. Feb 27 (Interfax) - A high-voltage power transmission line in the Odessa region has experienced an emergency shutdown, cutting off power supply to nearly all parts of the city of Odessa and the surrounding area, Ukrainian media reported on Monday with reference to the DTEK power company's social media post.

The Ukrainian power grid operator Ukrenergo had said on Sunday that it lifted the limitations in the grids providing power supply to the Odessa region following a major blackout on February 4.

Earlier, Ukrainian media reported, citing a statement by the company's CEO, Vladimir Kudritsky, on social media that the power supply in Odessa has improved since Saturday evening thanks to the completion of restoration operations by the Ukrenergo energy company.

Kudritsky noted that the teams working on the reconstruction of networks were moving to other facilities.

On February 4, Ukrenergo reported a large-scale breakdown on the main network in the Odessa region. The grid operator then warned of longer restrictions on electricity supply in Odessa and neighboring areas.

Odessa and its region have been among the few regions where power supply has been limited in recent days, while in the rest of Ukraine the situation has been relatively stable for the last two weeks.

Meanwhile, DTEK noted on social media on Sunday that the schedules of stabilization shutdowns will continue to be in effect in Odessa and the Odessa region due to network restrictions.

Ukrainian media also reported, citing Ukrenergo, that there is no capacity shortage in the energy system on Sunday and is not predicted for now.

According to the company on the social media, due to the absence of electricity shortage, the consumption limits were not set on the regions, but if the situation in the energy system changes and there is a sharp increase in consumption, outages could be applied.

Ukrenergo noted that all types of power plants are operating, and imports are insignificant.