27 Feb 2023 11:05

Canada announces new sanctions against Russia

WASHINGTON. Feb 27 (Interfax) - Canada has announced the imposition of sanctions on 129 individuals and 63 entities, says a statement published on the website of Canadian Prime Minister Justine Trudeau.

"The prime minister announced that Canada is imposing new sanctions on individuals and entities [...] sanctioning 122 individuals and 13 entities, including members of the lower house of Russia's parliament [...] Other sanctioned individuals include Russian deputy prime ministers, ministers, and others in the office of the President of Russia," the statement said.

The new package is also "sanctioning seven Russian individuals and 50 defense entities involved in Russia's defense industry, including the production of tanks, missiles, and weapons systems that Russia is using in Ukraine," it said.

In addition, Canada is "prohibiting the export to Russia of certain chemical elements for use in electronics, and banning the import, purchase, or acquisition of Russian arms, ammunition, and other weapons," the statement said.