27 Feb 2023 10:26

Russian-Belarusian import substitution projects reach financing stage - Belarusian Industry Ministry

MINSK. Feb 27 (Interfax) - Some of Russian-Belarusian import substitution projects have reached the stage of financing and hardware procurement, Belarusian Deputy Industry Minister Dmitry Kharitonchik said.

"Gomselmash has reached a stage of lending from a bank to procure equipment. It has made the biggest progress. The projects of Minsk Gear Works and Minsk Bearing Plant are making headway, while Saleo Gomel and some other enterprises are at work," Kharitonchik said on the Belarus 1 television channel on Sunday.

Belarusian enterprises are looking for Russian partners in some projects, he said.

"Liftmash is considering options in a number of regions. It has been agreed with the Krasnodar Territory to set up a joint venture or a joint assembly plant. The project's business plan is undergoing assessment and calculation," he said.

"MAZ plans to broaden the network of its offices, while Amkodor will be upgrading the structure of its supply chain. A joint venture of Amkodor is due to open in Ufa. So, every plant, every enterprise is looking for options of economically feasible cooperation with regions. Wherever the opening of a joint venture or an assembly plant makes economic sense, we will clearly do so," Kharitonchik said.