21 Feb 2023 16:42

Power lines down in several Ukrainian regions due to strong winds

MOSCOW. Feb 21 (Interfax) - DTEK Odessa Power Grid, an electricity distribution system operator, has reported an emergency outage of a high-voltage line supplying the Kievsky and Primorsky districts of Odessa.

"Specialists have already been performing emergency recovery operations. The electric load is redistributed to a high-voltage line, which the power engineers repaired last weekend. Therefore, the supply of electricity to the homes of Odessa residents is in line with the schedule of stabilization outages," the Ukrainian media quoted the message of the operator on social media.

At the same time, the reason for the outage is not specified.

Meanwhile, according to the Khmelnitskoblenergo regional grid operator, nasty weather and strong gusts of wind resulted in the breaking of wires of overhead power lines across the region.

"The teams of the regional grid operator are carrying out emergency recovery operations, but the wind gusts are not subsiding," the operator said.

According to Prikarpatyeoblenergo, as of this morning, there were emergency power outages at 125 power substations in the region.

DTEK promises to resume power supply by the end of the day if weather conditions are favorable. At the same time, the company draws attention to the fact that the wind does not subside, creating dangerous working conditions for power engineers and causing new emergencies.

As reported with reference to head of the Lvov regional military administration Maxim Kozitsky, 17 electricity transmission lines were down due to the high wind in the Lvov region, which resulted in the blackout of 57 settlements, of which 27 were completely blacked out.

On Tuesday, Ukrenergo did not set consumption limits due to the absence of capacity shortages.