13 Feb 2023 11:09

Russia's 2023 GDP dynamic might prove better than official forecast (down 0.8%) - Reshetnikov

UFA. Feb 13 (Interfax) - The current evaluations of the dynamic of Russia's economy in 2023 are more optimistic that the existing forecast of the Ministry of Economic Development, Minister Maxim Reshetnikov said.

"The assessments we are making for this year are more optimistic than they seemed to us," Reshetnikov said at a meeting in Ufa on Saturday, which focused on the development of preferential regimes in Russian regions.

Under the ministry's forecast (September 2022), Russia's GDP would drop by 0.8% this year.

It was reported that the Bank of Russia on Friday improved the GDP forecast for 2023 by replacing the 1-4% fall forecast in October with a new interval of between a 1% reduction and a 1% growth.