10 Feb 2023 14:34

Zelensky meets with King Philippe of Belgium in Brussels, Polish President Duda in Rzeszow

MOSCOW. Feb 10 (Interfax) - King Philippe of Belgium has granted an audience to Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky in Brussels.

Ukrainian media reported with reference to the presidential office on Friday that Zelensky thanked King Philippe, the Belgian government, and the Belgian people for comprehensive support to Ukraine.

He also thanked the king for assistance provided to Ukrainian citizens who have been given refuge in Belgium.

Ukrainian media have also reported citing the Polish presidential chancellery that Polish President Andrzej Doda and Zelensky met in Poland's Rzeszow on Thursday.

Zelensky briefed his Polish counterpart on his trip to Brussels and other European capitals. The negotiations also focused on regional security.

"The conversation also concerned future diplomatic activities planned by the president and the formation of an agenda of the upcoming NATO summit in Vilnius. President Duda is to meet with the NATO secretary general next week, and therefore, this exchange of opinions and information between the presidents of Poland and Ukraine is very important in the context of these activities," head of the International Policy Bureau at the Polish presidential chancellery Marcin Przydacz said.

The meeting between the Polish and Ukrainian presidents took place late on Thursday and lasted for more than two hours, he said.

Zelensky met with Duda in conclusion of a number of his foreign visits, a statement on the Ukrainian presidential website says.

"The leaders discussed continued defense cooperation and joint diplomatic steps," it said.

Zelensky told Duda it would be important to begin negotiations on Ukraine's accession to the European Union as early as this year, which, as he put it, would strongly motivate Ukraine.