8 Feb 2023 11:33

Ukrenergo raises electricity limits for Kiev, regions on Tuesday

MOSCOW. Feb 8 (Interfax) - The Ukrenergo electricity transmission system operator has raised or kept unchanged electricity supply limits for Kiev and regions for February 8, compared to the previous day, the Ukrainian media said with the reference to distribution network operators.

For instance, the daytime limits were raised 4% for Kiev, following yesterday's decline by 0.4%. Both limits remained unchanged from Tuesday in the Kiev region. Daytime limits were raised 2.4% in the Poltava and Ivano-Frankovsk regions, while nighttime limits grew 1.4%.

After the record 20% increase in daytime limits in the Dnepropetrovsk region, they were cut by 13.3% on Wednesday.

The limits allow Kiev and the Kiev and Dnepropetrovsk regions to keep within stabilization outage schedules, the Ukrainian media said, quoting a DTEK statement on a social network.

On Tuesday, Ukrenergo announced the complete lift of electricity limits in all regions for one day over two weeks for measuring the actual consumption.

"Consumption limits will be altered across Ukraine starting on February 8. There will be no limits for one day in every region over two weeks, while changes could be made within the customary outage schedules on the other days. This is necessary for measuring actual consumption in every region," the media quoted the system operator as saying.

Considering the ongoing capacity deficit, consumption limits may be reduced a bit in regions where no measurements are done on a given day.

The purpose of measurements is to help Ukrenergo assess the actual consumption of electricity by every region in a normal operation of the power grid. "Such measurements allow the account of enterprise relocation, migration, and actual changes in the overall level and structure of consumption in the establishment of limits," it said.

The results, which indicate changes in the size of population and the location of enterprises, will enable the operator to adjust limits for every region and to provide a more equal distribution of the available capacities by region.