6 Feb 2023 18:21

Norway's PM proposes allocating over $7 bln to Ukraine over five years

BERLIN. Feb 6 (Interfax) - Norwegian Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Store has proposed allocating 15 billion Norwegian kroner, about $1.5 billion, annually for five years in order to provide humanitarian and military assistance to Ukraine, according to European media.

Norway proposes rendering a long-term contribution to assist Ukraine, totaling 15 billion kroner annually for five years, meaning 75 billion kroner in total, the prime minister said.

Store said that there are plans for half of the funds to be spent on humanitarian aid during the first year, and the other half to be spent on military assistance.

A majority in the Norwegian parliament must approve the proposal.

Norway's Thelocal publication notes that there is no guarantee that the members of parliament would approve the proposal in its current form, because the government currently does not have a parliamentary majority. The center-left in power each time must garner the support of at least part of the opposition in order to approve legislation.