3 Feb 2023 16:52

European Commission publishes report on Ukraine's alignment with EU laws

MOSCOW. Feb 3 (Interfax) - The European Commission has published the reports evaluating the capacity of Ukraine, Moldova, and Georgia to assume the obligations of membership in the European Union.

Ukrainian media outlets said with a reference to the European Commission's website that the reports contain the detailed analysis of the countries' compliance with the EU acquis, the EU's body of common rights and obligations. These reports supplement the conclusions on the three countries' applications for EU membership made by the European Commission in June 2022.

The report on Ukraine is based on data as of June 2022.

According to the European Commission's assessment, the Ukrainian legislation in the sectors of financial control, free travel of workers, intellectual property, social policy, environmental protection and climate, and agriculture and fishing is at an early stage of alignment with the EU standards.

Ukrainian legislation in administration of justice, freedom and security, state procurement, statistics, movement of capital, corporate law, competition, protection of consumer rights and health, and taxation was rated more positively.

The EU evaluated laws dealing with free movement of goods, digital transformation and media, the economy and monetary policy, science and research as being at an average level. Ukraine is at an advanced level in provision of digital services to individuals and businesses.

Ukraine's legislation in the energy policy, the foreign policy, and the security and defense policy were assessed better than others. Additionally, Ukraine's readiness to join the EU Customs Union was estimated as high in the report.

The reports also contain recommendations regarding upcoming work on various tracks.

"The European Commission will continue to provide Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia with guidance and support in this regard to help the three countries further align to EU standards and norms covering the entire EU acquis," the European Commission said.

The European Commission is expected to report on the progress made by the three countries in reform priorities as part of the next "enlargement package" due to be presented in the fall. These reports will contain changes in policies since June 2022 and recommendations regarding the reforms to address for the next period.