3 Feb 2023 11:17

Power consumption limits slightly raised in Ukraine

MOSCOW. Feb 3 (Interfax) - The Ukrenergo power grid operator raised the daytime electricity consumption limits for Friday, February 3, by almost 4% and the nighttime limits by 1.1% from Thursday's levels, several distribution system operators said.

Thus, Ukrenergo has lifted the daytime limits for the fifth consecutive day, and the nighttime limits for second day in a row, Ukrainian media said.

The power consumption limits for the capital Kiev saw a smaller increase, i.e. by 2.17%.

"While the weather is warm, we have a little more electricity," head of the YASNO power supplying company Sergei Kovalenko said on social media.

The current limits still make it impossible to introduce hourly schedules in the Odessa region, where power infrastructure is being repaired after sustaining serious damage on January 26. However, as DTEK executive director Dmitry Sakharuk said during the national telethon on Thursday, the situation is gradually improving.

As reported, Ukrenergo said on Thursday morning that the shortage in Ukraine's energy system decreased due to a decline in electricity consumption as compared to the beginning of the week, but remained significant.

Slightly larger consumption limits were introduced in all regions due to the decrease in the deficit, the company said.

According to Ukrenergo, breakdown maintenance began at two generating units of power plants, but this loss of generation amounts was offset by the reconnection of another generating unit to the grid upon completion of breakdown maintenance and by an increase in power generation by hydropower plants.