3 Feb 2023 10:07

EAEU states link their development plans to atomic energy, all are good partners of Rosatom - Likhachev

ALMATY. Feb 3 (Interfax) - Rosatom is ready to offer and help implement cutting-edge technologies to partners in the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU), corporation head Alexei Likhachev said. Negotiations on the construction of generating facilities and nuclear power plants are underway with all five EAEU members, he added.

"Nuclear energy has become an integral part of the EAEU agenda as a whole and in bilateral relations with each member state. Belarus, Armenia, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan - all of them link their development plans to nuclear energy, nuclear competences, and each of these countries is our good partner," Likhachev told reporters in Almaty.

The countries share major achievement in the past, which everyone is proud of, and a no less promising future. "Of course, Rosatom is planning to introduce its cutting-edge technologies in Russia first, but simultaneously we will be offering them to our neighbors," he said.

"Negotiations on the construction of generating facilities at nuclear power plants are in progress with practically all countries, including our bestseller VVER-1000 and small and medium-sized reactors," Likhachev said.

Rosatom has important projects and trust-based cooperation in uranium production with Kazakhstan, Likhachev said. "In general, there are big plans for the fuel cycle, including those for supplies to third countries. Therefore, we are holding talks and active bilateral contacts on the sidelines of the Eurasian intergovernmental summit," he said.