1 Feb 2023 11:13

Ukrenergo raising daily electricity limits for 3 consecutive days

MOSCOW. Feb 1 (Interfax) - The Ukrenergo electricity transmission system operator has raised the daytime electricity consumption limits by almost 4% in Ukrainian regions on February 1, compared to Tuesday, while decreasing the nighttime limits by approximately the same percentage after raising them the day before, a number of electricity distribution network operators said in their reports.

Ukrenergo has been raising the daytime limits for three consecutive days, the Ukrainian media said.

DTEK said on a social network on Tuesday evening that the limits allow keeping with the hourly schedules in the regions of presence of its electricity distribution network operators - Kiev and the Kiev and Dnepropetrovsk region, while emergency power outages will continue in the Odessa region due to the substantial damage sustained by energy infrastructure on January 26.

According to DTEK, a high voltage power line is being repaired in Odessa in the wake of substantial damage.

"DTEK Odessa Grids are urgently repairing a high voltage power line to enable electricity distribution from a high voltage substation to Odessa residential areas," the Ukrainian media quoted the company as saying on a social network.

Reports say that "long pauses in power supply to households in southern and western parts of the city are possible on the night of January 31 and during the day on February 1."